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Study Decks on iOS

Study decks are a great way to review key concepts, learn memorized material and study for exams. myStudyTimeIOS lets you access all the decks in all your courses.

Select a deck by tapping on any name in the deck table.

A study deck consists of a set of cards which have two 'sides'. You can, for example, write a question on 'side 1' and an answer on 'side 2'.

You can step through decks or have the app show you random cards to study. Shake your device and a random card will appear. Tap on the card to see the 'answer side'.
In this example, the card from the i-sen deck has both sides showing, side one is the Japanese word
彼らand side two shows the reading and English meaning.
With the Mac app, myStudyTime, you can build your own decks. All of those decks will be available on your iPhone or iPad.

here to see public decks and make copies of them in your own app. With the desktop version you can edit decks as you like.