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Study Time

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myStudyTime… Improve your grades quickly and easily!

This application is for students at high school, college or university level.

The purpose of the app is to improve your grades by automatically building a Course Book for each of your courses. Each course book contains;
  • ▪ notes (shareable with other users)
▪ assignments lists, due dates, progress record
▪ readings, due dates, notes
▪ multiple study decks for each course
▪ exams dates, study notes


▪ planning for exams
▪ making time plans for doing assignments and readings to reach your work goals
▪ planing an educational program
▪ keeping track of all credit requirements, credits obtained and credits remaining

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The application has three main parts;

Course Books

Course books have the following sections;

  • notes
  • syllabus
  • assignments
  • readings
  • study cards
  • exams

When create a new course in the app, the app creates a "course book" for the course. Each course book contains your notes, assignments, reading, exam, study cards and information about the course. It keeps track of all your progress in each course as well as time commitments and grades.

For each reading or assignment, you can estimate the amount of time you will need to complete the task. The app can then add up all your estimates and tell you how much work to do each day in order to finish on time. It can also remind you how many days are left before work is due, what is due each day and each week.


The planning section has these sections;

  • programs
  • courses
  • exams
  • assignments & readings
  • schedule
  • settings

The planning section has
window for creating programs. A program might be a university degree, a college program etc. You can enter more than one program and the application will keep all your note books, schedules etc for each program. You can use this section for planning by creating possible programs that you will take, make lists of courses and credits etc. You can switch between programs and see all the information that you stored in each program. You can also access all your information from old programs that you have already completed.

You can also see an overview of how much of the program is completed, your credits obtained and left to get etc.

In the assignments and readings section all of the work that you have entered in each course is collected together. Here you can see all the work for all the courses.


The Today tab shows all the tasks that you have created for today. This is the main section for finding the work that you need to get done today.

Other notes;

All your data is kept in the cloud so that you can never loose your work, even if your laptop is lost or broken. You can access your work from any Mac where you can create a private account. All your data is kept in a private database that only you can access with your password.

The main screen of the application let’s you quickly switch between all your courses with a single mouse click.