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The application can store collections of paintings. A collection is just a simple way to make a short list of paintings that you can access without searching the entire database. You could make a collection of an exhibition that you have seen, for example.

The collections list is shown in the right tab of the main search window;

To make a new collection, select "New Collection " from the file menu or the button at the top of the list and enter a name. It will appear in the list of Collections.

When you click on the disclosure triangle, you will see the paintings in that collection;

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Click on any painting in the collection and it is displayed in the main window.

Double clock on a collection title to open the collection manager. Here you can add paintings or remove them. To add a painting, search the painter in the bottom left list. This will list paintings you have stored in the second column. Double click on any painting in that list that you want to add to the collection. It will appear in the Collection list.

collection example

If you have any external screens running GalleryFrame you will see there names listed in the bottom right. Click on any frame address and the current image will be sent to the remote viewing station.
For more information, read the virtual frames help page