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IAmTheCurator Documentation

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The Library Browser

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 10.27.21 AM
When you launch the app three windows open,
one for searching and one for viewing a selected painter's work and one for show a preview
of all a painter's paintings. The search window, the Library Browser, looks like this; ( the list of groups
shown is only an example, you can create your own groups)

curator top view
This window has three tabs which show lists of the
Painters that you have entered (Painters tab), Groups of Painters
that you have made (Groups tab) and Collections of paintings that
you have put together (Collections tab).

. .
Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 10.29.45 AM
When you select the Painters tab this window will look like this (again, this is an example list, the app does not include a list of painters);

When you click once on a painter's name , in the painter's tab, the painters paintings are displayed in the 'collection' window and the first painting is displayed in the main painting 'frame'. When you start with the app for the first time, only one painting will be in the system. As you add more paintings you can move around your collection as you wish.
In this example I have clicked on "Lempika, Tamara de" and her paintings are displayed in the collection;


The first image in the collection is displayed in the top of the window.

main view
You can scroll and select images in the collection area. When selected, the painting will be displayed in the top of the window.

Adding Painters
To add a new painter, select New Artist from the File menu or type command-N. A small panel will open. Fill in the name and click on Create. The new artist will appear in the list of painters under the Painters tab.

Adding Paintings for a Painter
If you double click on a painter, a window will open which will let you add paintings and notes for that painter. Click here
for notes about the painter window.

Creating Groups
In the Groups tab you can see groups of painters that you put together yourself. Select New Group from the File menu or click the button at the top of the Groups list and enter a name. The new group will appear in the list of Groups.

Adding Painters to a Group
Double click on a group to add painters to the group, a new window will open where you can select painters to add to the group. When you select a painter in the Groups tab, their art is displayed in the main window, just like when clicking in the painters tab. Click
here for more information about the groups window.

Creating Collections
The Collections tab is slightly different as it stores lists of paintings, not artists. You can select any painting in a collection and it is displayed in the main window. None of the artist's other paintings are displayed. To Create a new Collection, click the button at the top of the list and enter a name for the Collection. Double click on a collection to add paintings to it. Click
here for more information about managing a collection.